“An Opportunity Limited To Only A Handful Of People Who Really Understand What A Difference This Can Make To Their Lives”

"8 Weeks To A New You" - 8 Weeks Of Personal Coaching With The Alkaline Diet Expert, Andrew Bridgewater

Finally Unlock Your Optimum Wellness And Weight By Working With Me Personally For 8 Weeks. Then Enjoy The Benefits For A Lifetime !

This Is Definately Not For Everyone…


 Because Many People Have “Great Wishes” But They Have No Goals And No Plan

I’m Sure You’re Not One Of Those People !

Outline Of Your 8 Week Personal Coaching Programme

  1. Winning the mental game of health for life
  2. Proper hydration – habits and patterns
  3. Alkalising to add vitality
  4. Gentle detoxing through a balanced diet
  5. Regular alkalising exercise
  6. Stress for success
  7. Energy is everything
  8. Building momentum

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