The Alkaline Diet And Organic Produce

Andrew Bridgewater, alkaline diet expert and creator of “The Alkaline Diet Success Formula” explains  why organic produce is a much better choice for someone following the alkaline diet lifestyle.

Most people are already aware of the environmental and health benefits of  consuming organic fruit and vegetables, as opposed to those affected by insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. These substances are not only toxic to pests but also introduce toxins into your system too. In slight edge fashion, toxins build up in the body and can contribute to ailments, lack of energy, low sex drive, skin complaints and may ultimately increase the risk of serious illness. In addition, your system will always pay more attention to the removal of toxins that it will ever do to the removal of fat. Reduction of toxin consumption is therefore highly important if you want to live with energy and great health at an optimal weight.

Pesticides, insecticides and herbicides leave a chemical residue on foods that increase their acidity.  Spinach and broccoli for example are alkalising to the body in organic form but can have an acidifying effect when they have been grown using the above types of chemicals.

So there are compelling reasons for buying organic if you want to live with vitality and well being by following an alkaline diet lifestyle.

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  1. Nicky
    7 years ago

    Makes complete sense to me.