The Alkaline Diet Lifestyle And Your Health

Andrew Bridgewater, alkaline diet expert explains why following an alkaline diet lifestyle is so beneficial for your health.

The human body seeks to retain a slightly alkaline pH (power of hydrogen) balance of 7.365 as shown on the diagram :-

How The Alkaline Diet Benefits Health by Andrew Bridgewater

How The Alkaline Diet Benefits Health by Andrew Bridgewater

Unfortunately the typical western diet and lifestyle is heavily acid-forming, placing the body in a constant struggle to neutralise acid and maintain the optimal pH level of 7.365. It’s not just what you eat that creates acidity, but more importantly what you think, what you drink and even who you hang around with !

In “slight edge” fashion, an acidic lifestyle allows excess acidity to accumulate in the body. In an attempt to regain balance the body seeks to leech alkalinity from essential reserves such as bones and teeth, resulting in ailments (e.g. osteoporosis and gum disease), chronic illness, tiredness, stress and other manifestations. Our natural state is abundant health, energy and wellness but neglecting some simple regular practices creates untold damage. Before you know it, the body is in a state of low level metabolic acidosis. As Dr Otto Warburg discovered in 1931 (and he won a nobel prize for it !), cancer cells can not survive in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment. This crucial information seems to have been tragically ignored by the mainstream…

Cutting back on acidyfying foods and drinks, quietening the mind, regular alkalising exercise and effective hydration are all very easy to do but sadly easy not to do. I have found people’s deepest challenges to be psychological and as a Chartered Psychologist feel so blessed to be able to help others overcome chronic health and weight problems that I’ve experienced in the past.

Extreme diets and extreme detoxing don’t work in the long term because they put people in a trap. What’s needed is gentle mental reconditioning together with access to the right information and support… What you need for a life of health, energy and profound wellbeing is right here :- have created “The Alkaline Diet Success Formula” especially for you. It’s a simple-to-follow 6 week audio home study course which will soon see you enjoying the amazing benefits of an alkaline diet and lifestyle.

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